miércoles, 28 de septiembre de 2016


Dear pupils,

Now that we are finnishing the Unit dedicated to Sports for Disabled, we are going to make a Photo Quiz.

The Quiz's theme is Sports for Disabled, that is, your photo must show disabled people practicing sports. You don't need to take the photo yourselves, you can just pick one up from the Internet. You must upload the photo you choose to Instagram, so that people (not only from our class, not only from our High School) can vote it by giving it a "like". Please do not forget to label me on your photo (@santipiesnegros) and put the hashtag #PlympicFotoQuiz, so that we can have all photos together.

Those of you who don't use Instagram, just send me your photo by email (jsantisw@gmail.com) and I will upload it myself.

The quiz ends on Sunday 9th of october, at 23:59 h. Then, I will check out the votes for each photo. The 3 most voted photos will be the winners. We might do a picture collection during this year in HS. The winning pictures will be shown there. 

Good luck!

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